Wednesday, August 29, 2012

VISIT > Eveline Kotai - Infinate Threads 

Last week I visited the Connie Dietzschold  Gallery in East Sydney.  There is a wonderful show there at the moment called Infinate Threads by Perth based artist Eveline Kotai.  Kotai influenced by Agnes Martin has stitched rows and rows of canvas onto canvas. The works are subtle and provocative and profoundly moving.  It was very interesting for me to find another artist working with textile processes and drawing a connection to the repetition in Agnes Martins work.  The repetitive nature of making is embedded in Kotai's work.  I felt that her work held me in the same way that the minimal works of Agnes Martin have been described to hold the viewer. 

To read the review by John McDonald in the Sydney Morning Herald Click here.

To visit the web site of Eveline Kotai go to

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