about us

We are a group of artists interested in the medium of textiles. We formed a collective because we want to learn, share, exhibit, teach workshops and inspire each other, together. We are a varied bunch but in some way or another the art we make can be called textile art (sometimes it can also be called drawing, performance art, sculpture and many other things).

We are interested in textiles as art because textiles permeate our daily lives. Textiles can touch on the mundane and domestic, historical, mythological, mathematical and poetic. Textiles are sensory objects.

Our processes are different but a common thread is the quietness and intensity we find when making with our hands. Stitching, cutting, weaving, crocheting, drawing, our bodies leave imprints on what we make. Our materials are sometimes ordinary, sometimes unusual.

Meet some of our Members >

streamers, monofilament, wire
Alex Falkiner
Alex's work usually combines cloth, paper and discarded objects into small-scale sculptures. These experiments are translated onto cloth and paper with dye, water colour and stitch. This process allows her to collect and curate details of the everyday, to record and revere what is usually overlooked. Alex likes to simultaneously make art objects and hand-crafted products and enjoys the way these two streams feed into one another. With a preference for intuitive making, led by materials, she sees making as a form of research, a way of thinking, learning and reflecting. Current material obsessions include rope, confetti and fruit nets.

Anthea Fitzgerald
Anthea is fascinated by crochet and bodily organs; using her body to crochet the body. "we each go through so many bodies in each other" (Gilles Deleuze, A Thousand Plateaus). It is a way to explore both our relatedness and our otherness and to formulate an understanding of how we know each other.  She loves all sorts of textiles from the historical to the crafty and kitsch as well as being concerned with the social and political aspects of our lives.

Gillian Lavery
Gillian is fascinated by repetitive textile processes. She is interested in what is captured in repeated mark-making, how each line of thread is unique to the next.  This is not able to be observed until one is quite close to the work. An intimacy is required to understand the intricacies and subtleties of the work.  The subtlety of the works also invite contemplation, they allow the viewers thoughts to wander, just as the artists mind did in the making of the work.
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