Wednesday, September 26, 2012

READ > Gross Accumulation, Percussive Maps, and Finding One’s Way

I came across a blog post that began with the words...

“Products are an archive — the work is done. The process is what keeps me alive.”

and I was immediately intrigued.  I wanted to share it because it investigates process-based work some of which includes textile processes. It was such a comfort to read about others coming to the same conclusions,  sharing the same thoughts and feelings about their work as you have about your own work.  

The article is called Gross Accumulation, Percussive Maps, and Finding One’s Way by Sharon Arnold who is part of a Seattle group called the Project Room.

I really encourage you all to check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SEE > Charlotte Haywood

Last weekend I just made it to A-M Gallery in Newtown to see Charlotte Haywood's exhibition Under My Skin.  I was really excited to see contemporary tapestry.  Haywood's portrait like works were bright and colourful.  They reminded me somewhat of religious ornamental and iconographic images.  I was a little sad that they were framed with glass.  I know this makes the work more sellable but personally I don't like glass to separate me from the threads.

Haywood also had some larger pieces which pushed tapestry towards a make-do aesthetic with strips of cloth used as yarn.  I also really enjoyed the use of the ends of the threads as part of the work itself.

There were also crocheted bust like figures situated on a glowing circular plinth which gave a red glow to the base of the white yarn.  Alongside these sat two electric saws whose functionality had been transformed with the addition of feathers and crochet.

Watch this is a artist talk by Charlotte Haywood.

Monday, September 24, 2012

WATCH> Those who make

I recently came across this wonderful collection of videos and interviews about all kinds of makers called Those who make. The videos are a visual and inspirational treat and let us see inside the studios of makers around the world. From delicate ceramics to boutique gin to delicious donuts to wooden canoes...

This one I've included is on book making:

and this one is about reuse, specifically upholstery:

I find inspiring videos are an excellent form of productive procrastination, do you?
Click here to visit the site for yourself. enjoy.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SEE > Photographs from our Exhibition

For those who were unable to make it here are some photographs of our exhibition "Uncommon Threads" at the Manly Q Station (taken very generously by Bec).  It was an interesting experience to work with the historic house that was originally the living quarters of the doctors and nurses.  I felt that we managed to inhabit the space without overpowering it.  It was both challenging and exciting to work within the parameters of the historic houses requirements.  It was especially interesting for us as textile artists to work in a domestic space as many of the techniques we use originate from the domestic sphere. 

Alex Falkiner ::

Anthea Fitzgerald ::

Belinda Von Mengersen ::

Paula do Prado ::

Cathie Edlington ::

Gillian Lavery ::

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