Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SEE > Charlotte Haywood

Last weekend I just made it to A-M Gallery in Newtown to see Charlotte Haywood's exhibition Under My Skin.  I was really excited to see contemporary tapestry.  Haywood's portrait like works were bright and colourful.  They reminded me somewhat of religious ornamental and iconographic images.  I was a little sad that they were framed with glass.  I know this makes the work more sellable but personally I don't like glass to separate me from the threads.

Haywood also had some larger pieces which pushed tapestry towards a make-do aesthetic with strips of cloth used as yarn.  I also really enjoyed the use of the ends of the threads as part of the work itself.

There were also crocheted bust like figures situated on a glowing circular plinth which gave a red glow to the base of the white yarn.  Alongside these sat two electric saws whose functionality had been transformed with the addition of feathers and crochet.

Watch this is a artist talk by Charlotte Haywood.

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