Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WATCH > Jean-Michel Basquiat doco

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The ABC does a really good documentary series on Sunday evenings where this doco about Basquiat was originally aired on 8/1/2012.

It was a really interesting look at the life of Basquiat who was lucky enough to live in New York in the early 80's when creativity was incredibly alive. What struck me was how there was such an atmosphere of needing little to be able to do your work, that you were an artist and you made it happen. He believed that this was his calling and he used whatever he could to make it happen.  His style is often seen as child like but he also has an amazingly mature and insightful social perspective. I am someone who really struggles with drawing and I found that Basquiat's approach to drawing/painting/mark making inspiring.  He famously says:

"believe it or not I can actually draw"



You can find out more about the doco here, and about Basquiat here.

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