Tuesday, January 10, 2012

VISIT > Rodney Love

I came across Rodney's exhibition when walking past the 3 Foot Square exhibition space (the hole in the wall at Cofa). His artist's statement reads:

"This work is called Fences. It’s woven with a galvanised steel wire warp, and a paper weft. The paper is hand made and includes human hair, plant material, pigments, and spices. The wire was then allowed to rust, staining the paper. The title came because the coils of woven wire reminded me of fences waiting to be rolled out across the landscape.
Until recent rains and flooding, the dominant discourse about the countryside was the drought that had been causing hardship to farmers across the country. The rusted paper in Fences made me think of abandoned farms, rusted fences, and the brown, dusty soil of drought-affected farms."

You can find out more about Rodney Love here.

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